About Us

The journey begins on 4th April 2017. When 3 school friends decide to take an initiative towards practical knowledge about Information Technology and Cyber Security. Like every beginner, it wasn’t easy for us to get aware of these vast fields. We started to research various things related to cybersecurity. We named our research team as SIS-Tech. Later on, we got more experience and we explored the field deeper. Now we had the basic knowledge about the concepts we were studying about. That was the moment when the group of three innovative noobs decided to choose their passion as a profession. The team name then changed to Sprotechs. We did research about technology and then tried to analyze our research. We called ourself Sprotechs The Explorers.

Later on, the team started taking interest in Penetration Testing. We started with understanding Linux. And then headed to Android Hacking. Later on, progressed to Network Penetration Testing. And then advanced to Web Hacking. We never focused on How to hack facebook type things. Our goal was to understand the real concept of Penetration Testing.

We used to do research on a specific topic. A task was set for every member which he used to search on the internet. We are skilled, not certified. Because we preferred to be skilled before trying to get certified. And now every member of the team has a clear field.

We’re experiencing and exploring new stuff. Progressing towards new and innovative ideas.


Team Sprotechs still has five members. We didn't recruit any other member till now. Because the three of us are together since beginning and understand each other very well. Non of us is boss, we work as a team of three brothers working with each other.


Salman Arif Khan

Bug Chopper

Offensive Security expert and Bug hunter. Main Lead and Project executive at Sprotechs. Salman is an Innovative Genuis of Sprotechs who's excellent at hunting down the bugs. Breaking security is his favorite spear time. He works as the main Penetration Tester for Sprotechs, also he's a good developer and codes different stuff for security testing.


Shehriar Ahmad Awan

Analyst & Researcher

Cyber Security Researcher and Analyst. He does Security analysis, vulnerability assessments and Research Work for Sprotechs. He also plans and do initial information gathering for the projects. He is also Second Penetration Tester and Developer for Sprotechs. He's also the main security researcher for Sprotechs.


Ibrahim shk

Social Media Expert

Ibrahim shk is the last but not the least member of Sprotechs. He's a Social Media and Cyber Inteligence Expert. Also the Hardware expert. He's the administrative and Marketing incharge of Sprotechs. Also Works as a Cyber Intelligence, Hardware expert for Sprotechs.


Hammad Murtaza

Content Writer

A Respected member of sprotechs. Content writer and a Researcher. Doing research from a while for Sprotechs.


Shah Fahad

Social Media Management

Shah Fahad is a key member of sprotechs. H is a social media manager of sprotechs. He's also active in branding of sportechs.


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